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Can't be touched Can't be stopped Can't be moved Can't be rocked Can't be shook We hot When will you niggaz learn Came to get crunk Came to bring life Came to get it started Came to get it right Turn down the music Turn up my m...

you can never wake a dissimulation,just like you can't be touched a do not love you 你永远无法叫醒一个掩饰,就像你不能触碰一个不爱你的人

remember the name--林肯公园

croatian rhapsody-maksim mrvica through the arbor-kevin kern everlasting truth-re:plus 夜的钢琴曲-石进 the promise-secret garden


you can‘t wake a person cannot be touched by a didn‘t love you 你不能唤醒一个人不能被一个不爱你的人感动 句子不通

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