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这里用exchange比较好,它作为动词用,以下两个用法你应该用得到 1 交换;交流;换掉 exchange sth with sb I shook hands and exchanged a few words with the manager. 2 兑换;交易;更换 exchange A for B You can exchange your currency f...

change sth from A to B 改变某物从A到B

Ice will change into water if we heat it. We can change ice into water by heating it. 祝你进步

make a change 进行改变;对计划作一点更动 make a change to :对……作修改 ; 没有。


change作动词时都是在后面跟名词 见不到你说的三种情况。 例如 Change methods; change sides. 转变方法;转换立场

只有一个谓语,就是helped。 change是非谓语。 like to do sth., like doing sth., enjoy doing sth., help do sth., help to do sth., encourage sb. to do sth., prefer doing sth., prefer to do sth. 等等 这里的to do, do, doing,都是非谓...

1. change sth( sb )for sth(sb) 代换 We change our car for a bigger one. 我们换了一辆较大的车。 2. change sth with sb 交换 Can we change seat? 我们可以交换一下(座)位置吗? 3. change sth for sth 互换 She would like to change th...


lf you are not happy, it's time to change something 如果你不快乐,是时间来改变一些东西了 It's not too late to change our minds. 现在改变主意还不晚.

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