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这里用exchange比较好,它作为动词用,以下两个用法你应该用得到 1 交换;交流;换掉 exchange sth with sb I shook hands and exchanged a few words with the manager. 2 兑换;交易;更换 exchange A for B You can exchange your currency f...

change sth from A to B 改变某物从A到B

如果从固定句式来说 如果是change of 后面加的是名词,意思是:XXX的改变。 change for 一般后面用doing sth/或者名词. 意思是: 为了什么的改变/因为什么的改变 举例: change of him. 他的改变 change for him. 为了他的改变 举例: change of ...

Ice will change into water if we heat it. We can change ice into water by heating it. 祝你进步

make a change 进行改变;对计划作一点更动 make a change to :对……作修改 ; 没有。

1. change sth( sb )for sth(sb) 代换 We change our car for a bigger one. 我们换了一辆较大的车。 2. change sth with sb 交换 Can we change seat? 我们可以交换一下(座)位置吗? 3. change sth for sth 互换 She would like to change th...

改变 sth ~~~ 一般 around 含有完全的意思, 所以 change sth around 是彻底改变 但是,你这句话里有可能是 change sth and sth around, 那就是两个换位置的意思了。应该根据上下文再看一看

change作动词时都是在后面跟名词 见不到你说的三种情况。 例如 Change methods; change sides. 转变方法;转换立场

您好 change后面不一定加人,直接change into就是变成 如果对你有帮助,请采纳!祝你学习更上一层楼,数学辅导团为你解决疑问!

Well, I'd like to change my study habit. For example, I usually do my exercise books while the teacher is teaching in the class, because i want to save time for doing other things. But i find it not wise to arrage my time in su...

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