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cockboy 用户名


The thought of you is consuming me 想你的心 纠结着我 Wherever I am 不管我在哪里 Whatever I do 不管我做什么 The thought of you 想你的心 Is consuming me 纠结着我 Your eyes 你的眼睛 Your skin 你的皮肤 Your smile 你的微笑 Your feet...

你比较邪恶,幸好你用英文,否则你亮了。 哪个厉害?其实是互惠互利的一件事,是相互吸引的,不是相互争斗,所以,没有可比性。 它们打架,都是性福的吧。哈哈。


“A Little Princess” A Little Princess is a touching novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett—a famous novelist and dramatist. It obviously contains lots of fancied plots, but the parts it talks about creating miracles, can real...

1.The Ox and the Dog An ox and a dog serve for the same farmer.One day the dog arrogantly says: “How grand I am! In the daytime, I watch out for the cattle in the meadows; at night, I guard the house. But you…” “Me? How about m...

这个应该不能按字面意思来解释吧,sexy boy 可能是指男朋友,dirty可能是指bad,坏的意思。连起来可能是你是我的有点坏的男朋友吧!具体的还要根据具体语境来判断。望采纳!

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