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你比较邪恶,幸好你用英文,否则你亮了。 哪个厉害?其实是互惠互利的一件事,是相互吸引的,不是相互争斗,所以,没有可比性。 它们打架,都是性福的吧。哈哈。

The thought of you is consuming me 想你的心 纠结着我 Wherever I am 不管我在哪里 Whatever I do 不管我做什么 The thought of you 想你的心 Is consuming me 纠结着我 Your eyes 你的眼睛 Your skin 你的皮肤 Your smile 你的微笑 Your feet...


1.The Ox and the Dog An ox and a dog serve for the same farmer.One day the dog arrogantly says: “How grand I am! In the daytime, I watch out for the cattle in the meadows; at night, I guard the house. But you…” “Me? How about m...

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