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5. From the passage, we can infer (推断) a giraffe must be a very _____ animal. [ ] A. short B. strong C. tall

It's Sunday morning.My friends,Rose,Peter,and I are at the zoo.we start our visit after buying tickets.there are lots of animals playing with themselves.however,i see one of the vistors throws an banana at the monkeys.a little momkey is so naughty .

Robbie Williams - Go Gentle.歌词:You're gonna meet some strangers.Welcome to the zoo.Bitter disappointments.Except for one or two.Some of them are angry.Some of them are mean.Most of them are twisted.Few of them are clean

a visit to zoo last sunday,t went to the zoo with my good firends jack and jim.first,we saw a beautiful monkey,it was ate on the free,i think it was very clever and smart,i like it very,we went to saw sharks.i think the sharks were very ugly.later,

I have ever had wanderful sunday today. My parents took me to visit the zoo. In the zoo, I saw lots of animals .They were lions , monkeys ,pandas,giraffes. LIons were very frighten, which had sharp teeth. They were strong and big. I loved them too

你好!There is a beautiful zoo in our city .It is not from the downtown .My parents often take me there to see the animals on holidays .In the zoo ,there are all kinds of animals .You may see the naughty monkeys ,the cute pandas ,the lazy coalas and

Welcome to the zoo. I'm Xiao Wang. Today I will show you around the zoo. Now let me tell you the plan for today. First, we will go to the Lion Park. Then we will go to the Monkey Hill. You can see the lovely monkeys there. The Bird World is next to the

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