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Several soldiers were decorated for bravery.数名士兵因英勇而受嘉奖.We decorated the house for Christmas.我们装饰房屋过圣诞节.The great hall was decorated with flowers.大厅里装饰着花朵.It galled him to have to ask for a loan.必须向人借

He decorated his coat with a flower.

People decorate the streets with red flags. The family decorate the Christmas tree with glass balls and lights.

decorate.英 [dekret] 美 [dekret] .v.装饰,装潢,粉刷,油漆,糊墙纸,点缀,装点.第三人称单数: decorates.现在分词: decorating.过去式: decorated.过去分词: decorated.短语搭配:other decorate其他装饰.Not

Be decorate with 是需要被装饰 用什么Our house need to be decorated with different kinds of pictures.我们的房子需要被很多照片来装饰

equipKK: []DJ: []vt.1. 装备,配备[(+for/with)]Our laboratory is well equipped.我们的实验室装备良好.2. 使有能力;使有资格;赋予[(+for/with)][O2]Your training will equip you for your future job.你的训练使得你能够胜任将来的工作.His work

Decorate their houses 装饰他们的房子decorate 英[dekret] 美[dkret] vt. 装饰; 点缀; 粉刷; 授予(某人)勋章; vi. 装饰; 布置; [例句]He decorated his room with pictures of all his favorite sports figures他用自己最喜欢的几位体育明星的照片装饰房间.[其他] 第三人称单数:decorates 现在分词:decorating 过去式:decorated过去分词:decorated

你好!装饰decoration 英[dekren] 美[dkren] n. 装饰品; 装饰,装潢; 装饰图案,装饰风格; 奖章; [例句]The decoration and furnishings had to be practical enough for a family home房子的装潢和家具都必须很实用,适合家居生活.装饰拼音:[zhuāng shì]

decorated[英]['dekretd][美]['dekretd]v.装饰( decorate的过去式和过去分词 ); 点缀; 粉刷; 授予(某人)勋章; 例句:1.A man passes a decorated wall in athens, greece. 希腊雅典,一位男士正路过一堵装饰墙.2.Little girls loved the dressing-room decorated with bright fuchsia peonies. 小姑娘们特别喜欢亮紫红色牡丹装饰的更衣室.

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