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disastrous 英 [d'zstrs] 美 [d'zstrs] adj. 灾难性的;损失惨重的;悲伤的 英文解释及例句:1.ADJ A disastrous event has extremely bad consequences and effects. 灾难性的 例:the recent, disastrous earthquake.…那场最近发生的、

灾害的;灾难性的,悲惨的 di'z:strs 根据音标背


disastrous[英][dz:strs][美][dzstrs]adj.灾难性的; 损失惨重的; 极坏的; 悲惨的; 双语例句 1The first four years of government were completely disastrous.政府前4年的执政彻底失败.2That would probably have been tolerable if the decisions cooked up in those conference rooms weren 't so disastrous.如果在这些会议室里炮制出来的决策不会引发灾难,这种状态可能还能忍受.

disastrous 英音:[di'z:strs]美音:[dz'strs]1、灾难的;2、悲惨的;3、损失惨重的它的名词:disaster 英音:[di'z:st]美音:[d'zst] 灾难和它的名词结合起来,根据音标记忆希望对您有所帮助.望采纳,谢谢!


cost主语是物(It costs me 5 dollers.),spend,pay主语是人.spend 常与on 连用(I spend 5 dollers on it.) pay 常与for 连用(I pay 5 dollers for it.)

lead to: 导致 例句与用法: 1. Such a mistake would perhaps lead to disastrous consequences. 这样一种错误可能导致灾难性的后果. 2. A full-scale nuclear war could lead to the annihilation of the human race. 全面的核子战争能导致人类的灭绝

perhapsadv.1. 大概,或许,可能"Will he come?" "Perhaps not.""他会来吗?" "大概不会."Perhaps I can help you.也许我能帮你忙.perhaps也可用于句首或句尾,表示有礼貌地提出请求或提供帮助等.英文单词:perhapsperhaps: [ p

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