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diversion英 [dav:n] 美 [dav:rn] n.转移;消遣;分散注意力复数: diversions例句Finger painting is very messy but an excellent diversion. 用手指画画是很脏,但却是一项极好的消遣.

diversion n.1. 转向,转移;转换[U][C]2. 分散注意力[U]3. 分散注意力的东西[C]4. 娱乐,消遣[C]One who performs magic for entertainment or diversion.魔术师为了娱乐或者消遣而变魔术的人.I think your last argument was a diversion to make us

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" diversion credits" means the finacial credit provided to a recycling organization for diversion of solid waste from the City of White landfill." diversion credits" 意思是对2113回收机构(处理废弃物的机5261构)把固体废弃物转4102移到白色垃1653圾填埋场所提供的贷款内 diversion cap就是导流帽 希望可以帮容到你~


Diversion指分散注意力(或降低压力),注重在转移例如:my diversion was traveling. hilarity指欢呼,欢闹,注重存在“欢笑”例如:the introduction of their new product was greeted with much hilarity.

was: [ wz; wz ] prep. (is,am的过去式) 是 例句与用法: 1. His behavior was, in a word, shocking. 总之,他的行为是令人震惊的. 2. That's just what I was thinking. 这正是我所想的. 3. He lived in California until he was twenty. 他在加里弗尼

消遣:pastime词汇解析pastime读音:英 ['pstam] 美 ['pstam] n. 娱乐,消遣例句:1、And you can see that fishing can be an expensive pastime. 你可以看到,钓鱼可以是一个昂贵的消遣.2、Bodybuilding can be a fun and creative

[ dai'v:n ]

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