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DonE AnD DonE是什么意思?

有2个意思:(1)a phrase used to accept a request or deal; 表示交易成交。如;You want me to trade my Pinto for your Hummer? Done and done! 2,a phrase to say when one has finished something that was so involved that it is as th...

done and done: 完全完成 If you want something done and done well, do it yourself. 如果你希望完成且做好某件事,就要自己动手去做。

one and done 一步到位; [例句]But there's a little part of me that's saying, You know, it could be one and done here. 但是我的内心还是有个声音,也许这就是唯一的一部,无法继续。

get over and done with 尽早的结束 双语对照 词典结果: get over and done with 做完,结束(某件不愉快的事); 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Let's get it over and done with, okay? 赶快弄完行么? ----------------------------------- ...

when all is said and done adv. 毕竟, 结果 字面理解是,当能说的都说了,能做的都做了 引申一下就是毕竟,结果 EG,When all is said and done, she has nothing to complain.毕竟都试过了,她也没什么好抱怨的了


and 和 or 都有表示并列的,要根据主语来判断时态, 1、在句中,当 and 前面是has/have 时,and 后面的要根据这句话的主语来判断 比如: He has bought the car and has washed it.(主语都是he) I have done my homework and she has watered ...

come in and sit down 进来坐下来 双语例句 1 Please come in and sit down. 请屋里坐。 2 Thank you. Come in and sit down, please. 你可以进来了,请坐。多谢!请进来坐会儿!

have sth done 是被动 一般是他人为你做某事 eg: I had my hair cut.(理发师帮我)剪了头发. have been done 着重表状态, 已完成(一个时间段里完成的事情, 而不是时间点). eg: The house has been built 10 years ago.这座房子是10年前建成的. 你...


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