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EArn onE s living

earn a living 和earn one's living的区别:earn a living 和earn one's living没有区别。二者都是“谋生”之意。 拓展资料 earn a living的用法 1、He was virtually driven to this, because he could not earn a living in any other way. 他是...

eg:He began to earn his living. 他开始自己赚钱。 His father sent him to Hainan to see if he could earn his living there. 他的父亲送他到海南,看他能否在那儿挣钱养活自己。 希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一...

及物动词 1. 赚得,挣得。 2. 获得,赢得,博得(名声)。 earn one's living(谋生) earn money (赚钱) earn one's keep(值得雇用, 挣饭吃) earn one's tucker(勉强糊口)

没有earn one's life。 make a life: go to some place, find a job and establish a family. 谋生(较为富足) make a living: work to provide oneself with things that are necessary to life. 谋生(勉强糊口度日) make a living 相当于ea...

I earn my living by singing.

谋生 seek a livelihood; earn one's living; make a living; 都可以的 望满意

make one'sliving

没错。 earn/make one's living by doing sth.

their parents died early they had to sell newspapers to earn their living i benefit a lot from extensive reading time is limited we must make best use of it how long before he can learn how to hold

可以 And both can help prepare young people earn a living. 并且他们都可以帮助年轻人获得求生的技能.

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