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eat one's heart out 忧虑〔常含不必要的意思〕;默默伤心 忧心如焚;沮丧;因此消瘦 例句筛选 "When I find a short seller, I want to tear his heart out and eat it before his eyes while he's still alive, " he declares in one clip. 他...

eat one's heart out v. 忧伤过度 eat your heart out 让您伤心欲绝

下面的例子是一个朋友在告诉他的朋友关于家里发生的不幸的事: "Ever since grandmother died, grandfather has been eating his heart out--he's lost all interest in life and won't even get out of bed to eat." 这个人说:“自从祖母去世后...

eat my heart out 让我心如刀割 双语例句 1 His coldness won't eat out my heart anymore. 他的冷漠再也不会让我心如刀割了。

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