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n. 强调, 重要, 加强这个单词是emphasize的名词,记住动词就记住名词了啊!

point是点的意思,一般做动词用~名词的话:good point(优点) emphasis 重点 要点的意思emphasis[英][emfss][美][mfss]n.强调; 着重; (轮廓、图形等的)鲜明; 突出,重读; 复数:emphases例句;The controls remain straightforward, and the emphasis is on functional designrather than affordable luxury. 它的操控仍然十分简洁,而且它的重点主要在于功能计设,而不是要打造成一款一般人负担得起的豪华车.

n. 强调,重视;加强语气;重音

emphasize及物动词 vt. 1.强调,着重2.加强的语气3.使显得突出emphasis是名词 强调、重音


在这里emphasis做形容词而非名词,例如:"Why do we place so much emphasis on a national assembly.所以用much来修饰.

particular emphasis 特别强调 双语对照 例句:National western continues to follow a philosophy of conservative financial management with a particular emphasis on strength and stability. 美西人寿公司遵循特别强调保守稳健的的财务操作原则.

呃,记错了吧.没有与介词 in 的搭配用法,后者才是正确的,当然,介词 on 的兄弟 upon 也是正确的. The emphasis here is on preposition using. I just show you that both On and Upon are right matched by to this noun Emphasis, somehow, that In must be put aside.

emphasis 强调, 重点 em进入+phas外貌,状态,显示+is→进入状态→强调

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