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be equipped with 英[bi: iˈkwipt wið] 美[bi ɪˈkwɪpt wɪð] 装备 [例句]Chinese universities should also be equipped with bigger and better soccer pitches. 中国的大学也应该配备更大的更好的足球场地。

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . . 不是以.....装备

D “我们有24个办公室,每个都配备了电脑。”be equipped with“配备”,句中没有连词所以用非谓语形式,答案D。


As Type A influenza H1N1 is still in the global spread ,we have infirmary for you during this conference.Your room is equiped with clinical ...

Features:The gym is landscaped and equiped with morden facilitiesOpen time: It opens from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm and is still available on weekends. ...

你查一查你上两篇跟这相关的提问,我都有回答,而你贴的这个差不多都是我写的。。。我写的部分应该没有错吧。。。 对了上两篇,我的分,你给了吗...

Experts suggest equipping our army with modern weapons. suggest doing sth. 或 sb. suggests that +从句

Beatyoulikemamadearestwithaclotheshanger'causetheganganiggasbetryin'tospitButyoucan'tspititlikethisIcomeequipedtorip,anybattleAndleavehimstrunginhiscrewButthey... should be the least possibility that i shall rent that house equiped with whole set of furniture for the rental the landlord asking for is too ...

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