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be equipped with 英[bi: iˈkwipt wið] 美[bi ɪˈkwɪpt wɪð] 装备 [例句]Chinese universities should also be equipped with bigger and better soccer pitches. 中国的大学也应该配备更大的更好的足球场地。

D “我们有24个办公室,每个都配备了电脑。”be equipped with“配备”,句中没有连词所以用非谓语形式,答案D。

1.是equip sth with sth 用某物装备某物。 被动(sth be equipped with sth)如: We’re going to equip the room with air-conditioning. 我们打算给这个房间装上空调。 He equipped his bike with a head light. 他给自行车装了前灯。 注:该句...

此处需填 equiped B和C好像打重复了 句意是:他们仅仅为他们自己装备了一支笔。 equip 装备(此处是动词,而且是过去式)

翻译一:A ladder of four large fire extinguishers should be configured 翻译二:A staircase of four households, shall be equipped with fire ...

1) every equipment shall be equipped with one or several nameplate, metal nameplate must with rivet on product rivet, adhesive application name...

1 He regretted for not listening to the doctor's advice. 2 People of the whole world should join together in a struggle for peace. 3 My ...


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