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英语音标该学了吧 everything第一个字母音标/e/ 额瑞星 米ice 是ce发音 读 ai

everything,美 [vriθ] 英 [vrθ] pron. 最重要的东西;每件事物;一切;(有关的)一切.

哎 three sin . 如果是英国英文就是?哎 three fin

Everything's ready【读音】[evriθ iz red]【意思】一切准备停当.【例句】1.Everything's ready,you can brush your teeth. 2.If everything's ready,you can go to the school.【另附此词组中各个单词的意思、读音及例句】everything【读音】

['evriθi] [wil] [bi:] ['u'kei] 诶未省 未偶 必 欧k

My Everything super junior The lonliness of nights alone The search for strength to carry on My ever hope has seemed to die My eyes had no more tears to cry Then like the sun shined from up above You surrounded me with your endless love And all

everything tasted really good [evriθi] [teistid] [rili] [gud]一切品尝起来真的很好

everything,美 [vriθ] 英 [vrθ]pron. 最重要的东西;每件事物;一切;(有关的)一切. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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