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exhausted [i'z:stid] adj.1. 精疲力竭的,疲惫不堪的,非常疲乏的2. 花光的,用完的;耗尽的;枯竭的祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!如果答案你满意,请记得采纳(*^__^*)

exhausted [i'z:stid] adj. 疲惫的;耗尽的v. 耗尽;用尽;使…精疲力尽(exhaust的过去式)-exhausted: 用完地;用尽的;精疲力尽;疲惫 用完地-

exhausted1.极其疲倦的2.精疲力竭的3.用完地4.疲倦,筋疲力尽 i'm exhausted1.筋疲力尽2.我疲倦不堪 exhausted a1.精疲力竭的2.耗尽的,筋疲力尽的 exhausted enclosure1.密闭罩2.废外壳〔盒子 exhausted soil1.瘦土2.耗竭土壤

exhausted 英 ['zstd] 美 ['zstd] adj. 疲惫的;耗尽的v. 耗尽;用尽;使…精疲力尽(exhaust的过去式)

exhaust,动词,使耗尽,精疲力竭; 发音:伊格' 绕斯特 exhausted,过去分词,表示力竭, 发音:伊哥'绕斯提的

exhausted 耗尽的,用完的 exhausted resources 被耗尽的资源 2.精疲力竭的 All three men were hot, dirty, and exhausted. 三个人都是又热、又脏且精疲力竭. tired英音:['taid]美音:[tard] 形容词 a. 1.疲倦的[(+from/with)] I was tired after

1.exhausted(动词):exhaust announce(名词):announcement convincing(动词):convince embarrassed(动词):embarrass 2.His (latest) novel is worth reading.Hurry to get one! 3.In order to watch the important football match,we (

exhausted是精疲力竭的,指的是人,如i am exhausted;exhausting是令人精疲力竭;指工作之类的,如this job is exhausting.和interested,interesting异曲同工.

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