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Your song 《Your song》是歌手Ellie Goulding演唱的一首歌曲,收录于专辑《Bright Lights》中。 歌词: It's a little bit funny 有一点点奇怪 This feeling inside. 这最深处的感受 I'm not one of those who can Easily hide. 我无法轻易隐藏...

Ben Moon ft Veela - Majesty

Closer 的remix 歌名完整的是 Justin Caruso The Chainsmokers Halsey - Closer(Justin Caruso Remix)

Don’t Cry - Guns N' Roses Talk to me softly There's something in your eyes Don't hang your head in sorrow And please don't cry I know how you feel inside I've I've been there before Something is changing inside you And don't yo...

Blackstreet - No Diggity (Bondax Edit) 试听

i took a pill in Ibiza

歌词不是这个吧?Hello Mr. DJ On the radio Calling every station On the air??是不是歌词这么唱的,我只知道这个,歌名on the radio很欢快,开车时经常听,你试试是不是这个

Finally I found my sense Free from walking next And then there you appear You touched upon my sleeve Then you said follow me But I sensed it weren't there Can't enter golden times You predict into my mind Throwin' away there ea...

Tik Tok(live版) 播放 歌手:Avril Lavigne 语言:英语 所属专辑:2011年3月欧美新歌速递1

Sha la la,是这个么 There's a girl on my mind And she knows I'm thinking of her On my way through the day and the night The stars shine above me She's been gone for some time But I know I truly love her And I'm singing the song...

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