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frankly: 坦白地;直率地,坦白地;坦率地说;说实话

frankly 英[frkli] 美[frkli] adv. 坦白地; 直率地(说),坦诚地; 真诚地; 平心而论; 全部释义>> [例句]'Quite frankly, I don't.' “你根本不在乎我的感受,是不是.”&“说老实话,是不在乎.”

[bluntly] speaking in a direct honest way that sometimes upsets people: 指讲话坦白直率,不客气,也隐含不得体、不顾及他人感受等意味.有时会使听的人不高兴.[frankly]1. used to show that you are saying what you really think about

你好,预祝羊年快乐! 英语顺利过级!frankly speaking[英][frkli: spi:k][美][frkli spik]adv.坦白地讲,老实地说;例句:1.Frankly speaking you don't understand.坦白说你没理解.2.Frankly speaking, if we are not in favor of

frankly ['frkli]佛阮克类 frankly ['frkli]基本翻译adv. 真诚地,坦白地网络释义frankly:坦白地 | 直率地 | 坦率地说

yours frankly=yours sincerely n.谨上(书信结尾用语); 敬启(书信结尾用语); 鄙人,我; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:His letter of resignation, they note, ended with a curt "yours sincerely", rather than thetraditional self-abasing deference. 他们注意到哈苏奈的辞职信以一个简短的“此致”收尾,而不是带着传统的自我作践式的顺从口气..----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

frankly face坦然面对更多例句筛选1.Every failure should not be too concerned about, frankly face the pressureof living and learning, so that their relaxed and happy learning!不要太在意每次的失败,坦然面对生活和学习的压力,让自己轻松快乐的学习!2.And only few people can persist and face it frankly. But Why not reduceour pursue?能够坚持下来并坦然面对的,少之又少,少点追求又有什么不好呢?

frankly speaking: 坦白来说;坦白地说;坦白说;坦白说起来

你好!frankly speaking一般放在句首或者句末作插入语,它在这里是现在分词,非谓语的一种,真正的主语在其后面的句子中,因此,此处不能用原型speak如有疑问,请追问.

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