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give yourself给自己例句1.This is one way to give yourself a neurosis because theres nothing to find.其实这只会让你变得神经兮兮,因为并没有什么好找的.2.Give yourself enough time in the morning to do what you want to do.在早上要给自己留够时间去做自己想做的事.3.Challenge yourself academically, but give yourself plenty of time for fun as well.学业上要努力,但也要给自己充足的娱乐时间.

Experienced arts test, I know a lot, everything on your own. Cold to add their own coat; hungry to buy their own bread; sick, give yourself a strong; fail to give yourself a goal; fell in the pain of getting up and give yourself a tolerant smile; anything


动词短语 给你自己一个计划,为他们自己的生活学习.

Well, first you should make yourself be interested in that. I think you can watch some movies first, such as "High school musical","twilight "etc And then you can download some cnn or abc news from the web. when you get enough material like

Here's a funny test for you

I insisted. Now own forgotten what happy chic, because I know I'm happy my handsome father and mother is not bitter? Now myself to forget what is called back, because I understand the frustration that I can not do in front of a coward. How long to



How do you study for a testIn our life,usually have many big or small test.Test can you may feel nervous.But don't worry,you must believe in yourself,you can do it well.Try your

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