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go in for英 [u in f:] 美 [o n fr] 参加;从事;喜欢;支持

go in for a. 赞成(参加,从事) He looks to go in for the test.他巴望著参加测验.I don't go in for loud popular music.我不喜欢喧闹的流行音乐.

go in for 参加Which events is he going in for at the Olympics?他将在奥运上参加什么项目?从事, 致力于They wanted me to go in for film work.他们要我从事电影工作.喜欢, 爱好Many people go in for golf.许多人喜欢打高尔夫球.支持, 赞成; 主张An overwhelming majority of the committee members went in for the currency reform.绝大多数委员赞成实行币制改革.

go into 进入(某空间、建筑物),仅仅表明他进去,不强调动作enter 进入,进到,强调结果,表明他已经进去了 enter into 进入,后加抽象名词,主要表示进入某种状态.意思多为进入,参加.受..约束,开始从事,体谅分享感情等. enter into business 经商


go for:1.适用于:He thought the lunch was terrible,and the same goes for all the rest of us.我们其他人也有同感.2.抨击3.试图得到go in for1.参加 go in for a match2.爱好,I don't go in for sports/dancing.

take up1. 拿起,捡起,举起,拔起;拿走:She took up the receiver and began to dial the number.她拿起听筒开始拨电话号码.2. 吸收(水分);溶解(固体):She used a blotting paper

go into 及物动词短语 “进入……”的意思 go into some place go in 不及物动词短语,in在这里是副词(adv.) “进入,(太阳等)被云遮掩”的意思 if the sun goes in, it becomes hidden from view by clouds.go to 需要和go 区别,因为有没有to与后面的单词有直接关系,但是都是去、、、地方,后面是地方

1. I don't go in for loud popular music..2. We all go in for winter sport.3. What sports do you go in for?

join in,是加入,加入某团体.比如:Would you like to join us? 虽然 us 不是一个正式的团体,但是也是一个暂时的团体I have just joined a tennis club.take part in,这参加某活动.比如:I took part in a school play last fall.go in for,是参加某活动.与 take part in 相似

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