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都合乎语法,只是意思微微不同:(1)将 camp 作为不可数名词时,可不用定冠词 a,(2)用了不定冠词 a,说明说话的人是把 camp 当作是可数的名词了。 summer camp 可以指一片营地,如果说话的人把它作为不可数名词,就可以不加不定冠词。

Tina is attracted by the summer camp. 供参考。

join in 是加入进去,参加活动,重点是“参加”join 是加入一个组织,如俱乐部/少先队/青年团等,成为该组织的一员。由此,join summer camp的说法是错的,后者可以。

in的用法和例句如下 1. Jane:I was in the summer camp. 简:我在夏令营度假. 2. I will take part in the summer camp to Qingdao. 我会参加去青岛的夏令营活动. 3. Tag: I will take part in the summer camp to Qingdao. 我会参加去青岛的夏...

New York City在英语国家的人使用时多数都是不加the的 比如 It was a philosophical blueprint for what became the Giuliani program in New York City. 来自:NEWYORKER: Mayberry Man It's a way of showing support for New York City and f...

1-5 A B C A A 6-10 D B C A A Do you each have a great summer camp? I had a great on with my friends last year. After saying goodbye to our __1__, we got on the bus. __2__ the way, we laughed and talked happily. After we __3__ t...



Spring Festival is the most important festival in China, and it is also my most favor festival. 春节是中国最重要的节日,也是我最喜欢的节日。 It’s to celebrate the lunar calendar ‘s new year . 它是为了庆祝农历新年 In the evening...

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