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歌曲名:Love In The Great Outdoors歌手:Bananarama专辑:Beyond The Valley Of UltrahitsBananaramaLove In The First DegreeGuiltyLast night I was dreaming I was locked in a prison cellWhen I woke up I was screaming, calling out your

Outdoor 是户外的意思 Play 玩 play outdoor 户外玩耍

unrivalled[英][nravld][美][nravld]adj.无敌的; 无比的; 无对手的; 无双的; 双语例句1Notwithstanding its unrivalled cultural influence, america has neither the political will, economic leverage nor diplomatic credibility to compete with


是For Kalimdor,Kalimdor是精灵家园,意思是为了Kalimdor而战!

outdoor 是形容词outdoors 是副词,也可做名词 the great ourdoors

前一个是形容词后一个是副词,也可做名词the great ourdoors

Future is ours!(未来属于我们)Gone with the wind.(随风而去)What a great outdoors!(多美的世界啊!)Catch me,if you can!(追我,如果你行的话)等等.多得很,自己去发觉~

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