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hAo ArE you怎么回答

别人对你说Hao Are You 是问你最近怎么样,就回:i'm fine,thank you(我很好,谢谢),and you?(你呢?)

问你最近怎么样,就回:i'm fine,thank you(我很好,谢谢),and you?(你呢?)

I am fine, thank you.I am very well, thank you. I'm great.Not so good.I'm terrible.Good. If you must know, I feel terrible.如果你一定要知道的话,我感觉糟透了。Actually I'm a bit under the weather.实际上我有点不舒服. I'm hanging...

回答how are you时,一般用I am fine,thank you. how are you的意思是你好么,因此只要做好不好的回答即可,也可以加感谢的话或者用and you会问。 详细: 1、心情一般时 1). Just fine. Thanks. 还好,谢谢。 2). All right,and you? 还行,你...

是HUAIROU 吧 这是怀柔的意思

意思为:你好吗? 用于老朋友久别重逢的问候,初次见面问候应该是:How do you do ? 若朋友介绍而问候对方,应该说:Nice to meet you ! --How are you ? --I'm fine,thank you,and you ?一般的回答是这样的。

How old are you? 你多大了? 回答可以说: I‘m 7 years old. 我七岁。

回答:I am fine,what about you? 请采纳

How are you? How do you do? What's up? How's it going? How's everything? How's life? How are you doing lately? how are you 是问别人你好吗.问过how are you 之后,别人通常会答:good,thanks(意思是很好,谢谢);fine,you?(意思是不错,你呢...

原句应该是 how are you? 这是西方客套语,不必按字面意思直接回答, 一般来说可以这样回答: Great! Thank you. Excellent! And you? Getting by. You? I'm ok. And how are you? 等等。 希望帮到了你,若满意请点击“选为满意答案”及时采纳,谢...

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