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have a try 英[hæv ə trai] 美[hæv e traɪ] 试试看,尝试一下 [例句]He thought it worthwhile to have a try . At the worst he lost his job. 他认为值得一试,最坏的情况也就是失去工作。

“have a try”意为“试试看,尝试一下”。 例句: 1.Even if he knows he's going to fail, he wants to have a try. 即使他知道他会失败,他也想试一试。 2.If you want to have a try, I can teach you. 如果你想尝试一下,我可以教你。

让试一下 请采纳

区别是: have a try仅仅表示试一下。 try again强调再次尝试。 例句: have a try 1、I will have a try even though I should fail. 哪怕失败,我也要试一下。 2、Let me have a try at it. 让我试一下。 3、You might as well have a try.; W...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . Have a try 试一试


意思为:“试一下”“试一试”“尝试”“努力”,固定短语。 Have Desperate A Try 有拼死一试 Just Have A Try 那么就试一下 ; 来试一试 and have a try 试试看 例句: 1、It seems three good methods, I will have a try. 貌似不错的三种方法,改天我...

接 to do 不定式做状语、而且try to do sth。。。

为您解答 是"只,就"的意思。 就试一下嘛

so have a try的中文翻译 so have a try [译]所以有一个尝试

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