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laugh one's heart out 笑个痛快 laugh one's heart out 笑个痛快

eat my heart out 让我心如刀割 双语例句 1 His coldness won't eat out my heart anymore. 他的冷漠再也不会让我心如刀割了。

《收起你的泪 》 撑下去 再继续 别畏惧 事实无法改 过往已难追 愿你的笑容 永远灿烂 别怕 命运之神永远眷顾著你 因为天上的星光 正逐渐隐去 只是你别担心 星光总会再现 带走你所需 准备上路去 收起你的泪 别再哭泣 站起来 来吧 你在怕什麼(我一...

eat one's heart out v. 忧伤过度 eat your heart out 让您伤心欲绝

eat one's heart out 忧虑〔常含不必要的意思〕;默默伤心 忧心如焚;沮丧;因此消瘦 例句筛选 "When I find a short seller, I want to tear his heart out and eat it before his eyes while he's still alive, " he declares in one clip. 他...

ripped your heart out 让你心碎 Four years of closeness and sharing, after which she ripped yourheart out. 四年的封闭和分享,最后她把你的心都麻醉了。

我来帮你撑一下吧~ 撑下去 在继续 别畏惧 You'll never change what's been and gone 事实无法改 过往已难追 May your smile. Shine on. Don't be scared 愿你的笑容 永远灿烂 不要畏惧 Your destiny may keep you warm. 命运之神永远眷顾著你 ...

i am eating my heart out. 我极度悔恨。 I'm eating my heart out over the failure. 我对这失败感到极度悔恨。

if you don't stop prying,I will burn you,I will burn the heart out of you 。要是你继续多管闲事的话,我会让你生不如死,让你想掏心一样痛不欲心。 直译是如果你不停止干涉我的话,我会烧了你,我会把你的心烧成灰烬。 意思也就是他会搞死华生

歌曲:Stop Crying Your Heart Out 填词:Noel Gallagher 谱曲:Noel Gallagher 所属专辑:Heathen Chemistry 歌曲原唱:Oasis 歌词: Hold up Hold on Don't be scared You'll never change what's been and gone May your smile (may your smi...

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