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你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 用动词doesn't后,后面动词要恢复原形 所以have’


has are don't watch didn't go Do; like 前边那个y是不是单词they,是的话就是do Do; read teaches take is likes have looked do am goes doesn't watches have is

由时间状语last month知本句为过去式,但谓语动词为现在时。所以,例句存在时态不一致的语法问题。修改方法如下: He often went home at 6:00 last month. He did often go home at 6:00 last month. 或者直接去掉时间状语,改现在一般时,如下...

1.He is having lunch now. 2. What are they doing at the moment? 3.Is Lucy doing her homework every day now? 望采纳~


A。 B不用疑问句;C、D两项第一空不用于疑问句表推断。


At weekends ,he often gets up e____ (early) and turns in the park n____ (near) his home. Then he goes to the b___ (bank) and gets some money to buy some vegetables for his mother in the s______ (supermarket). He has lunch at ho...


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