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i hope you can come and share some with us 我希望你能来与我们分享一下 双语对照 例句: 1. I know! Perhaps you can come and have supper with us sometime. 我知道了!有时候你或许能来和我们一起吃晚餐. 2. And you can share it with othe...

选 B hope 的用法如下: ① hope to do ②hope that 从句 本题考查考查的是第②个,省略 that 的宾语从句

有很大的问题 这个前面都没说到 hope后不能跟you等人称代词 wish可以 这句话应该说成i hope that you will like it是最好的选择 注意动词用法不要想当然了~

I hope you can happy 我希望你能快乐 双语对照 例句: 1. Hope you can be happy every day. 愿您幸福快乐,直到永远。 2. I only hope we can be happy till the end. 我只希望,我们最终,能够快乐。

1. 2. when 3. because 4. because 5. Although或Though 6. Since 7. when 8. so...that 9.; 10. than 11. before 12. Because 13. so that 14. You can come here any time ________ you will ask me questions.? You ...

leo are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes? 歌手:My Little Airport 专辑:只因当时太紧张 I hope you can see what I can see I hope you can hear what I can hear Beacse it's not easy because it's not easy I hope...

keep your promise满意请采纳,谢谢~~

硪觉得应该换成 I hope you can do everything well 。

《Superstar》Jamelia People always talk about 大家总是说些有关 Hey oh hey oh hey oh 嗨哦嗨哦嗨哦 All the things there all about 所有的事情都是有关 Hey oh hey oh hey oh 嗨哦嗨哦嗨哦 Write it on a piece of paper 将它写在一张纸上 ...

我希望你能容纳这些到一个正常的大小 我i 希望hope 你能you can 容纳fit 这些these 到onto 一个正常的a normal 大小size

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