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i always think that i know everything but you insist i know nothing i always fight to have very last word but your thoughts were never heard i''m sorry, so sorry didn''t mean to hurt you i''ll borrow your sorrow don''t tell me it''s through i wish i could take

是不是Shayne Ward 的“that's my goal”高潮有一句是:i'm not here to say i'm sorry 下载地址:歌词:hmmmm yea yea yeaaa you know where i come from you know my story you know why i'm

发给我,我帮你找,这个歌名重复的很多.Q332466897,, 您发给我的歌是【I'm SorryLdy Lickem】 歌词: [Intro; Ldy Lickem] Yo, What's good. it's your girl Ldy Lickem Ft Maliss V. And this song goes out to my girl Leane Hope you enjoy

应该是是Jem的《They》吧! 歌词: Who made up all the rules We follow them like fools Believe them to be true Don't care to think them through And I'm sorry so sorry I'm sorry it's like this I'm sorry so sorry I'm sorry we do this And it's ironic too

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some type of love - charlie puth when i'm old and grown i won't sleep alone every single moment will be fading into you that's some type of love that's some type of love and i won't sing the blues cause all i need is you every single question will be

we will not contact to each other after we parted. I am sorry.


应该是jonas brothers 的 sorry broken hearts and last goodbyes restless nights and lullabies helps make the pain go away i realize i let you down told you i'd be around building up the strength just to say i'm sorry for breaking all the promises that i

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