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I would like to be a doctor I hope I can become a doctor in the future.I was born in a doctor's family.My parents are  both doctors.They are always busy working for patients' health and have no time...

I want to be a singer when I grow up .Because I likemusic .I think music can bring us too much pleasure .It can make us relaxed .It also can make our life full of happiness...


If there is a clear stream, I would like to be a little fish, Swimming in the soft drift, And then going to the sea expectantly. If there is a vast plain, I would like to be a green grass, Growing in the sunlight, And absorbing...

顺手采纳答案 I would like to be a listener you are willing to talk to me的意思是 我愿意做一个倾听者,一个你愿意与我交谈的倾听者

those应该后跟复数名词。 该句应该翻译成:I wouldn't like / don't want / don't mean to be such a person as that. 或者:I wouldn't like / don't want / don't mean to be a person like that / such as that.


Dear Sir: I read an ad in the newspaper yesterday .I want to be a volunteer for the 2010 GuangZhou Asian Games. My name is Xiong Wenxin .I was bron in 1994 ,and I was born in Foshan It is near GuangZhou . I have started to stud...

I would like to recommend Bill to be our monitor. 我想推荐比尔成为我们的班长。

退! 中译是: 我想告诉你,关税(进口费用)将被退还

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