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have a great impact on 英[hv reit impkt n] 美[hv e ret mpkt n] [释义] 对…有巨大影响; [例句]Accordingly , the intended target audiences have a great impact on the language features and the tone of the language used .因此,预期的目标客户对广告语的文字和基调都有很大的影响.

我知道的是impact on sth 是指对什么的影响、作用impact of sth是指什么的冲击、冲击力、碰撞之类的意思

be it 在这里译成“无论”比较合适.

make an impact on 英[meik n impkt n] 美[mek n mpkt n] [词典] 对…产生影响; [例句]But that kind of defeat will make an impact on the players.但这种惨败会对球员产生影响.

be dressed in的意思是穿着.1、dress 既可以表示动作,又可以表示状态,常由人作宾语,意为“给……穿衣服”.如:Could you dress the child for me? 你能不能替我给小孩穿上衣服?2、当表示自己穿衣服时,一般用“get dressed(=dress


First, we should have an in-depth study on thecharacteristics of new workflow, such as long range dependence (LRD), short rangedependence (SRD), self similarity and chaos character, and then analyze their impacton network flow prediction. After

Leaveapassion,life would bebland,themore difficultachievement.Microsoftfounder BillGateshas a famous saying:"Everymorning I wake up,the thoughtare engaged intheworkandthedevelopmentoftechnologywillbea tremendous impacton human

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