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in CAsE 用法

in case万一。是连词,引导条件状语从句。也就是说in case后面是一个完整的句子 Take a hat with you in case the sun is very hot. 倘若太阳很利害,你就把帽子戴上。 in case of的of是介词,介词后面只能带名词性质的词,比如名词、代词等。意...

很遗憾的告诉你,没有in case that 这种用法,只有 in case 和 in case of . in case本身就是一个复合从属连词,引导条件状语从句或否定意义的目的状语从句 in case of 是一个短语介词,后直接名词,动名词等

是的。这三种用法 引导目的状语从句 常用虚拟语气 should可以省略 即lest sb (should )do sth for fear that sb (should )do sth. in case sb (should) do sth.

in case of 介词短语 后接名词、名词短语 in case 连词 引导条件、目的状语从句

这几个连词用虚拟语气的较为普遍,但也要看具体情况。 1、 有时候表示事实相符的真实语气,如: We shall go provided that the weather is fine 只要天晴, 我们就去。 Suppose he can't come, who will do the work? 如果他不能前来, 谁来做这...

in this case.翻译成既然这样的话。 例如,It rains heavily outside, in that case, we should stay at home. 例如,She is sick today., in this case, she can have a reset at home. 英语的学习需要对每个句子理解透彻,然后通过不断地训练...

in this case:在这个场合 in that case:(短语)若是那样的话 例:YOU don't like this place? In that case,why don't you leave? in this case 既然是这样,在这种情况下,既然这样 in that case 既然那样;假如那样的话;在那种情况下

when 引导的时间状语从句,可指时间的一点,也可以指一段时间,从句的谓语动词可用终止性动词,也可用持续性动词。when引导的从句表示的具体的时间,从句的动作和主句的动作可以同时,也可以先于主句的动作。Whenever指任何一个不具体的时间。 I...

in case 引导的句子要用虚拟语气

假如 if/ provided/providing that / Supposing that / in case in case 假使,以防(万一) I have a phone number in case of emergency. 我有一个应急电话号码。

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