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in order to 为了,后面接动词原形.英语里可以用to, in order to,so as to或so that,in order that来表示目的.区别是:1) to, in order to,so as to引导的是目的状语短语,构成简单句;2) so that, in order that 引导的是目的状语从句,构成复合句,并且从句中谓语动词常与ca

in order to 意思是:为了做某事,表示目的:to 是不定式,+do 原型用法:in order to win the game ,he practiced a lot.为了赢这场比赛,他练习了很多.祝好!不懂建议重新提问,

不定式可以表示目的状语,直接用【to do 】表示.其强调形式有:so as to do (只能放在句中,不能位于句首)in order to do(及可以放在句首,也可位于句中)例如:We started early 【to catch 】the first bus to the Great Wall.=【In order to cat

in order to +动词原形,用在句中= in order that +从句,译成为了例如 I get up early in order to come to school on time.=I get up early in order that I can come to school on time.


In order to get a high score, we should study hard

so that 与 in order that 的比较(1)引导目的状语从句时,so that 与 in order that多数可以替换.区别有两点:句首不用so that,只用 in order that;逗号之后不用so that,只

in order to和to的区别为:读音不同、含义不同、用法不同.一、读音不同 order to 读音:英 [n d(r) tu] 美 [n rdr tu] 读音:英 [tu , t] 美 [tu , t] 二、含义不同 order to 释义:为了,以便,目的在于 释义:

in the order of 译为“按顺序” in order to后面直接接动词原形,in order to do sth. 意思都是"为了, 以便." 例句与用法: 1. in order to maintain physical well being, a person should eat wholesome food and get sufficient exercise. 为了维持身体健康,一个人应该吃有益健康的食品,并经常锻炼身体. 2. in order to earn enough money, he worked late into the night. 为了赚到足够的钱, 他工作到深夜.

in order to do 一般做状语从句, aim to do 可以在主语后作谓语成份.

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