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in tErms oF和By mEAns oF的区别 感觉好像意思都一样

意思是不一样的. by means of"用,借助于,依靠"; in terms of相当于in(the)light of"根据,从……方面(说来)"; 例如:The younger person’s attraction to stereos cannot be explained only ____familiarity with technology. 【译文】不能...

你好,基本上可以通用! in terms of 根据,依据 by means of 依靠 by way of 经由,为了 in place of 代替

Creativity and basic skills need to be considered in terms of being means to an approach, rather than simply as ends in themselves. 创造力和基本技能方面需要考虑的是一种方法,而不是简单地作为自己的目标。

用 use;apply;need更多释义>> [网络短语] 用 by means of,be filled with,in terms of 用完 run out of,use up,give out 清洁用 Clean,purify,...

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