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that way作状语,表示方式,也可以说in that way 习惯上有that, this, next, last可以省略或者不用介词的。 He is always talking to his father (in) that way, which I don't like at all.

the way 做先行词,定语从句的引导词只有以下三种: way 后面跟定语从句有三种形式。 (1) way + in which + 定语从句 例如: She was pleased with the way (in which )he had accepted her criticism. (2) way + that +定语从句 例如: They ...

应该是: in that way adv. 以那种方式 例句: In that way, you have expressed your trust, your confidence. 用那种方式,你表达你的信任,你的信心。

应该填of. 这是初中阶段的一个需要掌握的知识点。 It is adj. for sb. to do sth. for之前的形容词是多做事情的修饰。 It is adj. of sb. to do sth. of前的形容词是对人的品质的修饰。

in this way:用这种方法,这样,因此 例:The work should be done in this way. 应该这样做工作. 而且一般都说in this way。 in such a way 英[in sʌtʃ ə wei] 美[ɪn sʌtʃ e we] [释义] 以这样的一种方式; [例句]W...

such …that 结构一般说来是结果状语从句,从句中需要用如例句括号中的情态动词: He could put an idea in such a way that Alan (would) believe it was his own. 他能把观点(用如此的方法)表达(以至于)得让艾伦认为那是他自己的主意。 He ...


I Want It That Way 我想就这样(算了)吧 歌手:Backstreet Boys 专辑:Millennium Yeah-eh-heah You are, my fire, The one, desire 你是,我的 热情,唯一,渴望 。 Believe, when I say, I want it that way 相信我,当我说,我想就这样(算...

not in that way 不以那种方式 Full of facts and dates and architecture that I do not see because my mind does not work in that way. 充满我未看见的数据、年代和建筑,因为我的脑子并非如此运作。

of 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

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