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你好!时刻为儿童谋福祉.act意为:行动,活动.in the best interests of就是为的最大利益.也算常用的,比较官面的说法的.打字不易,采纳哦!

意思就是 任何时刻都为了儿童的最大利益而行动act这里就是行动,有所动作的意思in the best interests of就是最大的利益,这里interests作为利益来说~


best of the best 当然可以,就是最好、顶尖的意思.还是个电影名字:) 但是 “精彩集锦” 用 collection highlights 更加适合英语习惯.

以我最大的兴趣如果是in my best interests就是在我最大的兴趣中


1.没有 the interests of 4.歇口气,喘口气 5.可以,如:People nearby talked with each other 6.have talent for 7.adapted 8.aimed at 9.都是对的


Summary This paper describes the meaning of core competence and character, focusing on the different dimensions of the training company's core competitive strategy. Zai market Jingji the tide, the enterprises to fierce market competition, can we

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