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is thAt truE与ArE you surE哪个的意思与rEAlly的...

is that true更相近 和really一样有是否真实,属实的意思 are you sure是指是否确定 与真实与否没太多联系

is that true更相近,和really 一样反问表示这是否是客观事实?而are you sure 更加侧重问对方主观上是否真的确认,

百忙之中打扰你真的是不好意思,事到如今,我想我...that,what ever it is true or not,you will are really sorry, things Now, I think I ...

你确定掉掉电子啦? --嗯,现在带正电

Are you sure?Do you really want it?你确定?你真的想要它? Are you sure?你确定 如:Are you sure about our success? 你肯定我们会成功吗? really 真的 如:I really admire his capacity for work. 我真钦佩他的工作能力。


Now is the time to tell you that the waiting ...I really wish that you were near me. I wish ...I am sure that you have no inkling of the magni...

D 考查名词性从句。Whatever无论什么,引导宾语从句,在从句中作宾语。句意:——你确信你真的想看在青岛的海军庆祝吗?——是的,你无论要什么我都情愿支付的。

Chinese are usually subtle, it is not realistic ...the wonderful snacks to you,making sure you will...It's nice to be your friend,really! 绝对自己...

A be worth sth / doing sth 固定用法‘值得做…… (但不用被动),排除B,C D 如 The book is worth reading . 加油!不明白再问!如果帮到你,请采纳,谢谢!

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