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jApAn BrEAst milking

意思是 挤出胸部的牛奶 请采纳 谢谢


breastmilk 母乳 双语对照 例句: 1. For moderate pain, hand express or pump off a little breastmilkto reduce your pain. 对一般痛感,可以以手按压,抽取一些奶水以减少痛感。

4.2的没有,4.6的有 采纳后发送!留邮箱或私信联系

breastmilk storage bag的中文翻译 breastmilk storage bag 母乳储存袋


do not use as a breast milk substitute 不要用母乳替代 breast milk substitute 词典 代乳品 Only one trial reported the effects of adding nucleotides to breast milk substitute, but there is no valuable results for clinical practic...

the latter first attracted the eye in him. The grace of his movement

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