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be consistent with 与什么保持一致,保持协调 Your conduct is not consistent with what you say.你的言行不一致。 keep consistent with 与。。。保持一致 精锐黄老师


keep consistent with 释义 保持一致

. 跟上 They walked so fast that I could not keep up with them. 他们走得那么快,我没法跟上。 2. 和...保持联系 She has kept up with some of her friends since her retirement. 她退休后一直同一些朋友保持着联系。

We will try to keep consistent with the real in the future. Thank you for your feedback, I wish you a happy life. 热心网友| 发布于2014-04-21 ...

11 advanced jewelry design tide fashion trends, and keep consistent with precious stones, color mixing, and the last few seasons dazzle colour tide of ...

Accountancy's treatment of the business enterprise in front and back each period should keep consistent, can not at will change.Such as have necessity cha...

具体还要根据上下文,通常是:与…一致, 和…协调

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Industry can keep consistent with the level of economic development of Guangzhou, the leader and the leader of national law. Friends, today I say to ...

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