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keep eyes on是错误的表达方式,只有keep your eyes on的这种表达方式。关于保持你的眼睛 ; 让您的眼睛 ; 保持你的眼睛 ; 留心 keep an eye on 的意思为 照看;留意;密切注视 扩展资料 1、Look at but not see;shut one's eyes to 视而不见 2、...

keep an eye on是指看着某人或某物,比如警察看着狡猾的小偷会多在他身上留意那种 keep an eye for是不需要更多留意,就注意下就可以了的感觉,程度不一样,用处也不一样。

Keep an eye on 关注(对物或是人 已经形成 ) keep en eye out for 留心( 对事 即将可能发生的)

keep a close eye on 密切关注 双语对照 词典结果: keep a close eye on [英][ki:p ə kləuz ai ɔn][美][kip e kloz aɪ ɑn] 照看,留心瞧着,注意; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. The fed chairman and his colleagues nee...

Keep an eye on it 特别留意这个 例句: 1. We'll keep an eye on it for you. 我们会替你注意的. 2. If I stick this in the washer before I go out, keep an eye on it? 如果我出门前洗不完能帮我看着点么? 3. Will you please keep an eye on...

keep one's eyes on 注视;监视 双语例句 In the Suns-Lakers series, there are several key match-ups to keep your eyes on that will determine who comes out the victor in one of the more intriguing series in this year's NBA playoff...

keep an eye on: 留意,照看 Please keep an eye on the children 请照看一下孩子们。 Please keep an eye on the baby for me. 请给我照看一下这婴孩。

look after attend to in charge of be careful look out regard keep one's eyes open fix set about watch out

keep one's eye on the ball 警惕 双语对照 词典结果: keep one's eye on the ball v.警惕; 例句: 1. As every golfer and tennis player knows, you must keep your eye onthe ball. 每个高尔夫球手和网球手都知道,你必须时刻专注于你的球。

很高兴为你解答: 关注是keep your eye还是keep your eyes 第一个 keep your eye keep one‘s eye 吸引某人眼球,抓住某人眼球 good luck!

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