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过去分词也可以充当keep的宾补 keep sth./sb. done就是使某人(某事)被…… 与 have/get sth done 等用法相同 e.g:keep your mouth shut.而keep sth./sb. doing 就是使……某人(某事)一直…… e.g:i kept her waiting for 2 hours.(我让她等了两个小时)


过去式 : kept 现在分词 : keeping 单三 : keeps 过去分词 : kept

keep + sb/ sth+ 形容词或doing . 如: You should keep the room clean. They kept us waiting. We kept the dog dancing.


Keep it done 有类似 get it done/have it done的用法,但还有keep getting things done的形式,keep用于保持或持续某种状态,较为用于形容动作 如:There are many ways to keep your hair done while sleeping and have your hair the same as the day before.有许多方法能让你的头发在睡觉的时候还能和白天一样(形状等).

keep sb spellboundspellbound是形容词keep+宾语+形容词

如果sb/sth与后面的动词是主动关系,就用现在分词,如果是被动关系就用过去分词.Keep the window closed.I am sorry that I have kept you waiting for long .

有的,表示宾语和动词之间是被动关系.常用的有:Please keep me posted / updated.请保持让我知道最新消息. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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