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laugh at 1.laugh to scorn;mock嘲笑 *It is unkind to laugh at a person in trouble.对人幸灾乐祸有欠忠厚。 *Don't laugh at her.不要嘲笑她。 2.get amused about;make fun of因…发笑 *What are you laughing at?你们在笑什么? *It'...

laugh at 嘲笑 我记得是

make fun of(取笑) They made fun of his funny voice. 他们拿他的怪嗓音取笑。 laugh at (嘲笑) They all laughed at her queer idea. 他们都嘲笑她的怪念头 play jokes (a joke) on sb(和某人开玩笑) Lisa liked to play jokes on her boy...

laugh to sb就是对某人大笑的意思

doing。 可以这样。 早安。

牙疼 依靠 嘲笑 休息日 生某人气

laugh at sb. /make fun of sb. 2者都比较常用

受……的欢迎 be popular with 在……的脚下 at the foot of be good/bad at=do well with

③loudly是副词,与loud同义,有时两者可替换使用,但...笑话;取笑(某人) 如:Don’t laugh atme!不要...19. It’s +形容词+(for sb. ) to dosth. ...

find it+形容词 to do sth 发现做某事很… at that time=then 在那时think...同意…… laugh at sb 嘲笑某人need to do sth 需要做某事 dye the hair ...

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