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lEAD Down to和lEAD up to的区别

down to不常用有诱骗之意。up to则是导致,致使,为甚做准备之意。

lead up to sth: to be an introduction to or the cause of sth. 是……的先导;是导致……的原因 lead up to:还有为某事做准备的意思 lead to好坏中性均可用 有什么引起的

led up to:导致。。。 lead up to:还有为某事做准备的意思


这里的 in the lead up to有为某事做准备的意思。

Lead sb/sth into sth,lead up to sth. 带领某人/某物进入某事物,导致某事

in spite of its ability to fly, will be an absolute prisoner.

A 句意:往那看——有一条很长很曲折的小路通向那所房子。本题考查非谓动词用法。现在分词短语在此作后置定语,相当于定语从句which leads up to the house。leads在句中作谓语;led是lead的过去分词形式,与path构成被动关系;to lead表示将来,...

Lead sb/sth into sth 引。。。使陷入(不好的境地)Do not let your mouth lead you into sin.不可任你的口使肉体犯罪。 lead up to sth.引出;导致;作为…的准备 lead up to a conclusion引出结论 These circumstances will lead up to war.这...

你好 翻译是: in the lead up to 在领先到

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