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lEArn to后面跟什么

后跟动词时learn to do sth学做某事

learn to do sth.句式.所以后面加的是动词原形.



都可以,但不同的是:learn to do更强调目的 learn doing更强调过程

learn to do sthfinish doing sth不用区分,直接套用即可.

learn sth.学习某种知识,技能.learn+n.learn to do sth 学习去做什么事learn to +v.

Learn to ride a bicycle如果你强行要把to去掉的话就应该是Learn riding a bicycle不过一般没必要这样.

learn to do sth.学去做某事learn doing sth.学着在做某事不定式和ing两种都是可以的哦~

learn from学习 ; 向 ; 向某人学习 ; 听说learn off记熟 ; 背下来 ; 背上去learn to学着做某事

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