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1、I love looking after the children.我喜欢照顾孩子们.2、Look after your ears!要爱护你的耳朵!3、 I can look after myself very well. 我可以把自己照顾好的.

Look after yourself.请你自己照顾自己.Look after your ears!要爱护你的耳朵!Look after yourself, bye!自己当心点.再见!

look after I love looking after the children.我喜欢照顾孩子们.Myjobis to look afterthesepatients. 我的工作就是照顾好这些病人.Theyhad tousetheirowninitiativerather than relying on the government to look after them.他们必须调用他们自己的主动性,而不是依靠政府去照顾他们.

I always look after my mother instead of making her tired 我经常照顾我妈妈,为了不让她累

look after:He only looks after his own interests.他只顾自己的利益.since 2 years ago I have worked here since 2 years ago.自从2年前我就在这工作.thousands of There are thousands of tourists and visitors.这里有数千的游客和观光客. China has thousands of islands, the largest of which is Taiwan.中国有数千个岛屿,其中最大的是台湾岛.祝您学习进步,更上一层楼!!!(⊙o⊙)

look after1.照顾;照料;照看;关心:i will look after her child when she is on a business trip.她出差时我将照看她的孩子.2.目送;从后面盯着;眼睛盯着:they looked after the train as it moved out.他们目送火车开出车站.3.关注;为…操心:he only looks after his own interests.他只顾自己的利益.

He must look after his mother at home.

你可能把两个词组写在一起了,分开应该是:look after ,look forward to I have to look after the sick people we are looking forward to hearing from you soon 我们正期待您的收到您的来信 . 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

我想要照顾我的奶奶 I want to look after my grandmother 汤姆照顾她的小猫 Tom looked after her kitten 汤姆照顾她的小猫 Tom looked after his kitten

You must look after yourself because of some reason

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