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mAkE An EFFort to Do还是to Doing

make effort后接to do sth 不接doing,其中effort常用复数.make efforts to do sth.努力做某事

make an effort to do是其正确的用法。 make an effort to do的意思为努力做某事。 它的例句如下: 1. They are paragraphs that arrived up as I started to make an make an effort to do 、 myresearch...... 当我开始慢慢努力地做我的调查时...

make an effort/make efforts: 尽力; 努力;作出努力; 强调主观上付出努力,相当于try one's best to do。 I finally agreed that I would make efforts to do so later on and left the chat quickly. 我终于同意以后会找机会聊一聊,就匆匆地...

spare no effort to do不遗余力做某事 有spare no effort doing的说法 是effort不是efforts

只能说make a great effort to do sth 没有make a great effort doing sth这种说法. 这是固定搭配 就相当于 want to do sth. 不能说 want doing sth.

We need to make an all-out effort to get this job done on time. I will make every effort to be there on time. => make efforts + to V

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