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mink唱的TogEthEr AgAin 的中文歌词

歌名:Together Again〖再一次相聚〗 【TV动画】剧场版「VEXILLE 2077日本锁国」主题曲 作词:C.Utbult/D.Vulma/R.Irving/Shinichiro Aoyama 作曲:C.Utbult/D.Vulma/R.Irving 编曲:TATOO 演唱:Mink Made By 『月光·疾风TT』 ☆★ For Dear Moni...

there was never a promise i could keep, 我总是无法信守承诺 you were around and said 你以前在我身边总这么说 [you couldn't count on me 你无法指望我 [love with a groan cover, 爱承载着的总是无奈 look what held your discover 到底是... Again.mp3


Together Again ~ Janet Jackson (?) There are times when I look above and beyond There are times when I feel your love around me baby I'll never forget my baby I'll never forget you There are times when I look above and beyond T...

我感觉是wish you are happy together,意思是 祝愿你们在一起快乐

完全可以!gather together这个短语 意思很多: 1. 集合在一起 It's a good chance for us to gather together. 2. 萍聚 01 萍聚 gather together | 02 军港之夜 the night of the naval base | 03 竹林深处 deep place in bamboo grove 3. 收拾...

Put them together like this 像这样把它们放在一块.

貌似是Basement Jaxx - Close Your Eyes (ft. Linda Lewis)

mink - Together again地址,Together%20again%20mink&word=mp3,$$.mp3,,[mink+Together+again]&si=...

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