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mink唱的TogEthEr AgAin 的中文歌词

there was never a promise i could keep, 我总是无法信守承诺 you were around and said 你以前在我身边总这么说 [you couldn't count on me 你无法指望我 [love with a groan cover, 爱承载着的总是无奈 look what held your discover 到底是... Again.mp3

英文歌词: I don't need another tomorrow That's nothing but loss I don't want to lose The warmth you left behind, even now I want the one I love Beside me one more time I don't want Anything else but you Cause I can't sleep, I c...


Basement Jaxx Feat. Linda Lewis - Close Your Eyes I know it all seems like we're losing our minds We got shampoo and warfare all over the headlines I know it's all hype and violence we see And they never seem to mention the lik...

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