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mink唱的TogEthEr AgAin 的中文歌词

there was never a promise i could keep, 我总是无法信守承诺 you were around and said 你以前在我身边总这么说 [you couldn't count on me 你无法指望我 [love with a groan cover, 爱承载着的总是无奈 look what held your discover 到底是...

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英文歌词: I don't need another tomorrow That's nothing but loss I don't want to lose The warmth you left behind, even now I want the one I love Beside me one more time I don't want Anything else but you Cause I can't sleep, I c... Again.mp3

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Kimi wo ushinau dake no Ashita wa mou konakutemo ii Kimi ga nokoshita kiesou na nukumori Nakusanai you ni even now Mou ichido ai suru hito Soba ni ite hoshii Kimi igai wa nanimo Hoshiku wa nai Cause I can't sleep, I can't eat, ...


Basement Jaxx Feat. Linda Lewis - Close Your Eyes I know it all seems like we're losing our minds We got shampoo and warfare all over the headlines I know it's all hype and violence we see And they never seem to mention the lik...

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