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1. ADV-GRADED(表示行动、感情或变化的强烈程度,通常和 so,too,very 一起用于否定句中)很多,非常You use much to indicate the great intensity, extent, or degree of something such as an action, feeling, or change. Much is usually...

都是许多的意思 .many修饰可名词,much修饰不可数名词. much还可修饰形容词比较级.

too much + 不可数名词 表示有太多,足够的意思! e.g That is too much for the old man to climb the mounain . 让那老人登山也够意思了! 表示一种太多似乎受不了的意思。 much too 却是另外层意思,表示 太.... .请区分开来。 That is much ...


much 英-[mʌtʃ]美-[mʌtʃ] 释义 n. 许多,大量 adj. 大量的 adv. 非常,很 pron. 许多,大量

What she did made the boys set free from the awkward situation.

miss u much 意思:太过想念你了! 例句:1.But I do feel I will miss u much! 但我确实觉得我会非常想念你! 2.That I too too will miss u much. 我将会很想念你!

many:许多,多的; much:非常; 差不多; 很多地; 很大程度上; many 读音:英[ˈmeni] 美[ˈmɛni] 词类:adj.许多,多的;pron.(与复数动词连用) 大多数人;可数; 修饰可数名词; 多少; 例句:I don't think many people would argue...

形容词 a. 1. 许多的,多的 How many brothers do you have? 你有几个兄弟? 代词 pron. 1. 许多人;许多[K] I don't need

much-publicized 多宣传 publicized v.宣传(某事物)(尤指用广告)( publicize的过去式和过去分词 ); 例句: 1. The incursion caused a furor in pakistan, where the government publicized and condemned the strike. 那次突袭在巴基斯坦引...

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