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my BEst FriEnD英语作文初二比较级

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I have a good friend, Linda. In some ways, we look the same. But in some ways, we look different. We both have black eyes and hair. She is taller and quieter than me. And she is very careful. I'm a little more outgoing. And I'm funnier than her. We both like reading.

1.I have a best friend.Her name is ****.In some respects,we look the same,but in some ways,we look different.We all have black eyes,black hair.I'm taller than her,but she

linda is my best friend. she is 15 years old. she is a pretty girl with a round face and two big black eyes. she always has a smile on her face. she is taller than i.every morning, we go to school together. she studies quite well and she's a top student in

Blair is my classmate as well as my best friend. We have already known each other for ten years. We live in the same block so that we always go to school together. She has long hair, big eyes and sweet smile,which makes her popular in my class.

friends are very important for me .they make my life more colorful. my friends and i ofen spend time toget-her .we discuss sc-hoolworks as well as pop stars . when i'm in trouble,i tu-rn to my friends for help. they giv-e advice and enco-urage me all the

I have a lot of friends.Diyuwen is my best friend.Diyuwen is a girl.She is fourteen years old.She studies at Shengse No.2 Middle School.She is short.She has long and black hair.Her eyes are black dark.Shewears a pair of glasses.She looks very

My best friend is 谁 .He|She has 外貌,如two big eyes,a glasses,a small nose等,He|She is beautiful|cool!He|She is very clever. 可以写一件事,突出他|她学习好.总结:She|He is my best friend!

Lisa,Mary,Mike are My friends,Lisa is a little taller than Mary,Mary is smarter than Lisa,Mary's hairs are a little longer than Lisa,Lisa is more outgoing than Mary.Mike is a little shorter than me,bu

My best friend names Kitty.She is fourteen years old.She is in Class Four Grade Seven. She studies very hard. English is her favourite subject. She likes to speak English. She can speak English very well now.She likes helping others. She likes

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