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I have a best friend.She's name is Kitty.She's hair is long and beautiful.She is very clever.She is always helping others.So she usually helps me with my study.And I like to talk with her.She makes me feel very happy.I like her very much.

My best friend is Lisa.Her eyes are big.A small nose.A small mouth.She is very smart and kind.Her hobby is play badminton,very fierce. Playing volleyball is her favourite sport.she is very clever and friendly. I am proud of this close friend.

my best friend is ~~.she/he is ~~.we have been together for about ~~years.I like he/she~~she/he always help me and give me happy. i hope that our friendship can last for ever ~~就是你自己填啦

Tony is my best friend. He is fourteen years old. He is very tall and strong . He likes music and sports. We often play basketball after school. He is good at math and he often helps me with my math. He is very friendly so we all like to make friends with him .共53个词.

My best friend is a girl called Lee.She is eighteen years old.She likes go hiking and hanging out with her friend on weekends.I like her because she is always willing to help me.I've reveived so much help from her .She is a good friend indeed!

My Best FriendMy best friend is Peter. He studies in my class. I found he is an interesting person who speaks always with a smile. Peter is a good student and works very hard everyday. He has his meals in canteen and never eats out in a restaurant

xxx is my best friend.She is fourteen years old.She studies at Shengse No.2 Middle School.She is short.She has long and black hair.Her eyes are black dark.Shewears a pair of glasses.She looks very lovely!she has lots of hobbies.She likes reading ,

My best friend is my classmate Jack. We have been good frieds since we entered the same class. Jack is a very interedting boy and also very kind hearted. He studies very hard and always gets the top score in my class. When we have difficulties in

My best friend I have a best friend . He name is Mike .He si ten years old. He likes playing basketball and play it very well .He also likes reading book ,like history and math.He and I have the same habbits .We often play together .So,he is my best

Annie is my best friend.She is my classmate. She is a beautiful girl.She is taller than me.She is out-going.She study hard.Her English is very good.She loves music, and she also loves watching TV. We often plays with each other. We also helps each other.Sometimes,I go to see a movie with her.望采纳,谢谢哦 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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