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My favourite sport I am an active girl,and I like doing sports very much.My favourite sport is swimming.I often go to swim with my good friend Lily.She likes swimming ,too.And she is very good at it.She always swims better than me. When I am

characters are: learn to be thankful! the teacher asked the students to look at the silence, and raised second questions: "then we should be grateful who?" the man who raised his hand seemed to be more than two times, the students eagerly

With the teacher's help, I have made great progress in my English. Years ago when I began to learn English. I found it was difficult for me. Although I studied hard and spent lots of time on time. I couldn't catch up with my classmates. My English

My school life in Senior One should be, in my opinoin, a fairly interesting period of time. The school life should be tense and orderly. Everyone is studying hard to make more progress every day so th

After ages of no posting here,I finally have some time!I was home for a weekend and that was great!One day me and my mum went to a huge fair,which was fun!And the next

My family is an interesting family, has daddy, mother, I and grandfather paternal grandmother. Although however the grandmother grandfather is also my family member, but

My father is busy all the time, he always goes out very early and then goes home after very late. He doesn't have much time to accompany me, my mother tells me that what he does is for the family, so I am considerate and get used to his absence.

The winter holiday comes, I am so happy. I can watch TV ,read cartoons, play with my friends without parents' blaming. Of course, I must finish my homework everyday at first. But I needn't do homework during the chinese lunar new year, so I am

the beautiful place in my heart Shanghai is the beautiful place in my heart. It is in the east of China. It is the largest city in China, also it is a modern city not only in Asia,but also aroun

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