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When I was a middle school student, first day I felt a bit excited and ner vous I often told my self:“In the nest three years in order to make our dreams come true ,I will learn and work hard with my classmates, And I will make more friends and share

I've got myself some typical tips for my study.I don't usually study in the same place or sit in a position that you use for another purpose.Because it could make my concentration seperated.And I'd never try to listen to music or watch TV while I am

With the develop of modern technology,computer is widely used in my life.With the help of computer I can learn of anything in the world. With computer's help I can work easily,so I have more free time than before,and I can talk with my friends online.I

change in my life with the development of the economy. lots of things changed in my life . for example, the way go to school.we went to school by bus ereryday before, but now we always go to school by easier and faster .for this , we don't

(一)My daily life is extremely monotonous,I try hard to adapt myself to it.Why?Because I intend to be a good student.I wish to render service to my country.I get up at six o'

Generally speaking, life in high school is busy and fulfilling, due to the ultimate goal---College Entrance Examination. Many people say that there is no fun left but bored study and endless exercises. However, as a high school student, I can't agree

My Daily Life I get up at six every day. I dress myself quickly and have breakfast at half past six. After breakfast I go to school. I have four lessons in the morning and three in the

My Daily LifeEvery morning,I read English loudly to train the sense of the language.Then I have breakfast.After it,I wash the bowls.Then I practice calligraphy for an hour and a

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