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my friend.i have a good friend whoes english name is lisa.she is twelve years old and she is a very pretty girl.everyone in our class including teachers like her,but i am her only best friend.we share everything we have and we nearly talk everything with

my friend wu min is a close friend of mine. he is 17 years old. he has always been working hard at his studies. as a top student, he is excellent in almost all the subjects, especially in computer science. he once won a prize in a city-wide programming

have a lot of good friend.Have boy also have a girl.My best friend is XXX.His/ her open and frank disposition is open and clear and very kindhearted.My extraordinary liking it

My friendsI have four best friends.They are (name of the four friends).We usually play together,and It's very funny to be with them.We help each other out from trouble and they

我有一个好朋友,叫李丽.她喜欢唱歌,跳舞.课余的时候我喜欢去她家听她弹钢琴.我俩总是玩的很开心.她很善良,我愿意跟她做一辈子的朋友,我希望她能幸福. I have a good friend called Lily.She likes singing and dancing.I engoy that

my friendI have a good friend. She is a pretty girl. She lives in Jiujiang. She is a middle school student. She has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. She is tall and thin. She likes watching TV and playing the basketball. On the

hi!i have a good friend.his name is HU ZHIkai.he is a good boy.he is twelve years old.i am taller than he.i am fatter than he.his mother is a worker.And his father is a carpenter.his Maths is better than me.And my English is better than he often helps me Manths,and i often help he English.大小写会有点问题!对不起了!

顺手采纳答案 my holiday plan 我的假期计划i will have a seven-day holiday next week. in these days, i have many things to do. first, i must finish the exercises left by teachers, chinese, math and english. it may take me two days to finish. i plan finish

Hello,everyone! I'm Zhang Wei from Class One, and I have a good friend. His name is Li Ming. He is 12 years old and he is very tall. We often play basketball after school. We help with each other. I help him with math and he help me with English. I'm happy to have such a good friend!

My friend name isli li.He can play football and play basketball very well.His favourite food is fish.Do you want to be his friend | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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